The winter we are experiencing in 2008/2009 is severe, even for NE Wisconsin standards. With below average temperatures and record snowfall, we have used a tremendous amount of road salt. Since mid-November (2008), we have used 1,200 tons of salt on Howard streets. Not only is this costly, but it is not environmentally-friendly. To combat this issue (cost & environmental), our Public Works Department will be testing road salt, infused with GEOMELT, which is an organic liquid accelerator.

The GEOMELT is applied with road salt to make it brine more quickly. The reported benefits of the GEOMELT include eating through hardpack snow to spread along the pavement, break the bonds between ice/snow and the roadway and assists with snow removal (i.e., removes more snow residue).

During this trial, we will be objectively tracking the quantity of salt used with the GEOMELT product, and subjectively (via empirical observation) reviewing its performance.

Since GEOMELT is a natural, agriculture product made from renewable resources, it is better for the environment.