In June 2008, the Village of Howard created a Go Green, Save Green (GGSG) Task Force. Since April 22, 2009 was Earth Day, the Village took the opportunity to formally publish our first GGSG Annual Report.

The GGSG Task Force established a 2-part mission statement:

1. Identify ways to provide internal and external cost savings to the
Village of Howard.

2. Provide a sustainable benefit to our economy, ecology, and community.

The GGSG Task Force, chaired by Village Trustee David Steffen, made tremendous progress in its first year of existence. In 10 months the Go Green, Save Green Task Force evaluated 21 different project options, of which 12 were fully implemented. The implemented initiatives will provide a significant step forward in protecting and preserving our environment. They will also provide an anticipated savings of $11,665 for the Village of Howard in the 2009-2010 program year, $57,481 over a five year span and $189,373 over 15 years.

In the spirit of adhering to the green focus of this Task Force, minimal printed copies were produced. However, if a Howard resident or business would prefer a printed report, please send me an email. To review the entire GGSG Annual Report online, please visit Howard’s e-News page.