The Village Board & Staff has been reviewing ways to cut costs heading into what is going to be a difficult budget year (FY 2010, which begins January 1, 2010). With a struggling federal economy and a state budget with a multi-billion dollar deficit, the Village has been striving to proactively address fiscal issues to avoid the extreme deficit problems the other levels of government currently face.

With a no tax rate increase goal for FY 2010, the Village has eliminated a position (Executive Director of Parks, Recreation & Senior Services), frozen the hiring of a full-time Engineering Technician and a part-time Building Inspection positions and are in the process of reviewing other cost-cutting measures.

To-date, the Village Board has cut spending going into next fiscal year by almost $210,000. A majority of these cuts have been by reducing the size of government. In 2006, the Village had 43 full-time employees; today we have 39. This equates to an approximate 10% decrease in full-time employees. To ensure services are still being delivered, the reorganization began at top of the organization with shuffling 4 Executive Leadership positions that oversee all operating departments/divisions of the Village and the creation of 1 Executive Leadership position that will coordinate all performance management issues and public information.

In addition to the cost-cutting changes noted above, the Village is in the process of reducing the Village’s water rate by 4% (with permission from the Wisconsin PSC).

Another notable change is focusing on a new department entitled Leisure Services. Sara King has been promoted to Director of Leisure Services, which will coordinate all recreation & senior service programs.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions or comments.