Veolia Environmental Services, who handles the Village’s recycling and sanitation collection services, mailed a letter to the Village recently indicating Governor Doyle’s proposed state budget calls for new taxes of $4.40 on each ton of waste sent to a Wisconsin landfill. A $4.40 per ton tax/rate increase would significantly impact the Village’s waste handling costs, based on our volume. In 2008, we hauled 3,750.38 tons of local garbage to the landfill. The proposed increase would impact the village taxpayers to the tune of an additional $16,502/annually.

The super-majority of additional fees will not be used to improve recycling or waste services. The estimated $33 million in additional fees will be used for unrelated state spending, including $21 million in debt service and $4 million to create a new BioEnergy Institute.

I urge our residents to discuss this new “tax” with their state representatives to ensure everyone is fully informed. If you feel these fees are not being utilized properly or unnecessary, please let your representatives know.