Small bins

Small bins


  • 96-gal Recycle 
  • On the June 8, 2009 Village Board agenda, the Board will consider purchasing approximately 5,600 standardized recycle containers – this cost would then be passed on to all residential recycling users (most likely on the next property tax bill). This blog post is meant to provide more detailed information for the general public to ensure they understand the action being considered by the Village Board.

    In September 2008, the Village Board approved a new five year recycling/refuse contract with Veolia ES Solid Waste Midwest, LLC, effective January 1, 2009. The new recycling contract allowed the Village to begin co-mingling recyclables in the summer of 2009, with two options:

    1) Residents could use the same, smaller bins they currently are using, or
    2) Residents would be allowed to purchase a 96 gallon recycling cart (similar in size to their garbage cart) for a specified price

    It is important to note that both options listed above are currently available and acceptable by the existing contract.

    After Howard’s contract was approved, other communities like Suamico and Bellevue approved contracts that mandated their residents switch to the larger recycling carts (I believe those communities had options for the size of cart they wanted…between 60-96 gallons). Since all of Veolia’s other communities serviced in Brown County (Suamico, Bellevue, Ledgeview & Lawrence) were moving to the standardized, larger recycling carts, Veolia presented a letter to the Village dated May 17, 2009 indicating if the Village Board approved an amendment to the existing contract and required the standardized carts, they would provide a discounted rate ($43.75/cart) to acquire, construct (the large carts come in several pieces), deliver and record the serial numbers of these carts. Veolia indicated since their order for the standardized carts for the other communities will be made this month (June 2009), they would recognize a significant economy-of-scale and would pass that cost savings to the Village of Howard.

    Policy Analysis

    There are pros & cons for leaving the current system in place, versus going to the mandated larger recycling carts.

    The pros for using the existing recycling bins include:

  1. No additional cost to the residential homeowner for using the existing bins
  2. The Village of Howard’s contract prices approved in September 2008 would remain intact from January 2009 through December 2014
  3. Residents could switch to the larger cart at their discretion through December 2014
  4. Takes up less space in the garage

    The pros for going to the mandated larger recycling carts include:

  1. Minimizes recyclables blowing around on windy days (i.e., cleaner looking community)
  2. Keeps stray animals from digging through recyclables
  3. If purchased at the same time as the other communities, the cost of the cart could be $5 to $15 cheaper (especially when Veolia is offering to assemble and deliver the carts) My caveat: Since my crystal ball is no clearer than anyone elses, I cannot state with metaphysical certitude carts will be more expensive when purchased later, but that would appear to be the case.
  4. Makes recycling easier, which (hopefully) translates to less annual tonnage at the landfill, which saves taxpayers $$$ (especially with the current state budget raising tipping fees at landfills by $7/ton).

    One last consideration…the Village of Howard absorbs the cost of garbage & recycling services through property taxes. Suamico & Bellevue charge homeowners for this service outside of their property taxes, either as a monthly charge or an annual charge.  By reducing tipping fees, it assists in keeping Howard’s tax rate lower, since we do pay our costs through property taxes.

    I realize there is alot of information in this blog post to sift through. If you have an opportunity, I would encourage interested individual(s) to attend the Village Board meeting on June 8, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall (2456 Glendale Avenue) to hear firsthand the public discussion. If anyone has further questions but cannot attend the meeting, please contact me or any elected official at your convenience.  I maybe reached at Village Hall 920/434-4640 or by email: