The Village of Howard just released its Carbon Footprint Report for years 2006 through 2008. Since 2006, the Village has reduced its carbon emissions by 73%! In the most recent inventory year (2008):

* The Village consumed 16,667 units of energy (down from 25,549 in 2006)

* Howard operations emitted 949 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents into the atmosphere (down from 3,524 in 2006)

* The Village spent $643,909 on GHG emitting sources (electricity, natural gas, and fuel)- (down from $669,646 in 2006)

These key metrics will allow the Village to track its impact on the environment. To view a full report on the Village Operations Carbon Footprint, visit the Go Green Save Green Page on the Village website: . There you can track your own carbon footprint as well. How do YOUR daily activities impact the environment?