With winter weather almost here, the Village of Howard is ready and committed to keeping motorists safe on the roadways throughout this winter season.

The primary goal of our ice and snow control program is to provide the public with a safe roadway system, regardless of winter weather conditions or time of day. Our team has been working diligently to get our fleet ready for the upcoming winter. The Village has a goal of clearing all streets within 14 hours after the end of a snowfall. However, please understand that heavier snows, those over four inches, will take longer to clear.

During heavy snowfalls, Village crews concentrate on keeping main arterial roadways clear for traffic and emergency vehicles. The Village has established a priority plowing system for its roadways so that main traffic routes and thoroughfares, such as Glendale Ave, Cardinal Lane, Velp Ave. and Memorial Drive, are plowed first, followed by residential side streets and cul-de-sacs. The Village is also responsible for clearing snow from all the municipal parking lots, Village Green Golf Course, all park parking lots and sidewalks and trails on abutting property owned by the Village.

Department of Public Works crews will begin applying salt to the roadways when precipitation, either snow or ice, begins to accumulate and cause unsafe traveling conditions. Crews will begin plowing operations whenever two inches of snow have accumulated on paved services, slippery conditions exist and snow is still falling. The Village would like to remind residents of the following tips to make winter operations safer and more efficient for all:

• Please stay back from the plow truck 200’, during plowing operations the plow truck needs to back up on a regular basis.
• Residents should not park on the street during a winter snow event. Parked cars are an obstacle to the snow plows. In addition, plowing around parked cars leaves large areas of snow and ice on the roadway.
• Property owners are responsible for plowing commercial parking lots, driveways and public sidewalks adjoining their homes and businesses. The abutting property owner has 24 hours to remove the snow and ice after the snow has accumulated.
• Shovel snow from driveways into the parkway and not into the street. This will help to avoid creating dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. Shoveling snow into the street is a Village Code violation.
• Shovel out fire hydrants that are in or around your property.
• Clear sidewalks of snow for the safety of pedestrians and children walking to school. Not keeping sidewalks clear is a Village Code violation.
• Uncover your mailbox for postal delivery.
• Help your neighbors. For many residents, age or medical conditions make it difficult to shovel snow without risking health.
• Do not shovel or blow snow onto your neighbor’s property. It is a code violation to deposit snow on a property other than your own.

For more information on any of Village of Howard’s snow removal programs, call the Department of Public Works at (920) 434-4060 or visit the Village’s web site at http://www.villageofhoward.com/public_works.cfm.