With winter weather almost here, the Village of Howard is ready and committed to keeping motorists safe on the roadways throughout this winter season.

The primary goal of our ice and snow control program is to provide the public with a safe roadway system, regardless of winter weather conditions or time of day. Our team has been working diligently to get our fleet ready for the upcoming winter. The Village has a goal of clearing all streets within 14 hours after the end of a snowfall. However, please understand that heavier snows, those over four inches, will take longer to clear.

During heavy snowfalls, Village crews concentrate on keeping main arterial roadways clear for traffic and emergency vehicles. The Village has established a priority plowing system for its roadways so that main traffic routes and thoroughfares, such as Glendale Ave, Cardinal Lane, Velp Ave. and Memorial Drive, are plowed first, followed by residential side streets and cul-de-sacs. The Village is also responsible for clearing snow from all the municipal parking lots, Village Green Golf Course, all park parking lots and sidewalks and trails on abutting property owned by the Village.

Department of Public Works crews will begin applying salt to the roadways when precipitation, either snow or ice, begins to accumulate and cause unsafe traveling conditions. Crews will begin plowing operations whenever two inches of snow have accumulated on paved services, slippery conditions exist and snow is still falling. The Village would like to remind residents of the following tips to make winter operations safer and more efficient for all:

• Please stay back from the plow truck 200’, during plowing operations the plow truck needs to back up on a regular basis.
• Residents should not park on the street during a winter snow event. Parked cars are an obstacle to the snow plows. In addition, plowing around parked cars leaves large areas of snow and ice on the roadway.
• Property owners are responsible for plowing commercial parking lots, driveways and public sidewalks adjoining their homes and businesses. The abutting property owner has 24 hours to remove the snow and ice after the snow has accumulated.
• Shovel snow from driveways into the parkway and not into the street. This will help to avoid creating dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. Shoveling snow into the street is a Village Code violation.
• Shovel out fire hydrants that are in or around your property.
• Clear sidewalks of snow for the safety of pedestrians and children walking to school. Not keeping sidewalks clear is a Village Code violation.
• Uncover your mailbox for postal delivery.
• Help your neighbors. For many residents, age or medical conditions make it difficult to shovel snow without risking health.
• Do not shovel or blow snow onto your neighbor’s property. It is a code violation to deposit snow on a property other than your own.

For more information on any of Village of Howard’s snow removal programs, call the Department of Public Works at (920) 434-4060 or visit the Village’s web site at http://www.villageofhoward.com/public_works.cfm.


Many residents may have noticed a flurry of development activity in Howard the past few months. Several residential and commercial projects have started construction, including the Toonen Properties Canterbury Creek Development. That development, generally located north of STH 29 and west of Fredrick Court, will include 202 upscale apartment units and 60,000 square feet of Class A office space.

On Cardinal Lane, immediately south of the Mountain Bay Recreational Trail, Lexington Homes is constructing 74 apartment units and sixteen “new urbanist” style homes.

The section of Velp Avenue, between US 41 and Military Avenue, is receiving new water, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure. The utility work is preceding the road replacement and beautification work which will be completed in 2011. The beautification work includes installing 10′ wide grass terraces on either side of Velp Avenue, several landscaped medians, burying all overhead utility lines and replacing standard light poles with decorative poles. A new roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Velp Avenue & Military Avenue during the summer of 2011.

On Taylor Street & Shawano Avenue, the Village is replacing aging infrastructure, to prepare for the US 41 reconstruction project (which will begin in this area in 2011).

Projects that have been announced, but will not start until later in 2010, include an Anduzzi’s Sports Bar (10,000 square feet). Anduzzi’s Sports Bar will be located on Lineville Road. Immediately west of Anduzzi’s will be a new Fox Community Credit Union. The new Fox Community Credit Union will replace its existing location further west on Lineville Road.

On Riverview Drive, between Cardinal Lane and Hillcrest Heights, Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin has received rezoning approval, so they may construct a 7,000 square foot medical clinic. The medical clinic will be an all stone & brick building.

Finally, next to the 4-story Woodfield Village mixed use building, the same development group will be constructing a 49-unit, 3 story urban apartment project. This project will include underground parking, and will meet the guidelines of the Village Center Master Plan.

For further questions regarding area development, please contact me at Village Hall (920/434-4640).

The Village’s Community Development Authority (CDA) will be meeting tomorrow at Village Hall at 7:30 a.m. The CDA will be discussing a helicopter tour of the Village, which will be taking place on July 14th @ 10:00 a.m. and will be reviewing economic development marketing materials. Afterwards, the CDA will be going into executive session to review issues regarding our US Highway 41 redevelopment area.

The Village has had a very busy summer! To keep up-to-date, please utilize the Village’s social media outlets (facebook, Twitter, etc) and sign up for electronic notifications (sign up here!) for media releases, weekly reports, etc.

First, congratulations are again in order to the Bay Port Pirate baseball team for winning their 2nd consecutive Division I state championship! As I stated last year after the Pirates won the 2009 State Championship, you cannot overlook the hard work and effort that is required by the coaching staff, parents and players to reach a state finals in any sport. This is a tremendous achievement and worthy of recognition.

Second, the Village for the fourth consecutive year will be releasing an annual report card which benchmarks certain financial metrics with other communities in Brown County and statewide. This gives our residents & businesses an opportunity to see how the Village of Howard compares to similar communities in categories such as “basic spending per capita”, “debt per capita”, etc. This report card will be released in mid-July.

Third, the Village has been working closely with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation regarding the US 41 reconstruction project. A primary concern is ensuring the I-43/US 41 interchange is constructed to a standard that will permit Federal Highway to reclassify US 41 to interstate status in the next few years. The Village also is working with several large development companies to ensure that various segments of the new highway are constructed with appropriate access.

Fourth, the Village recently opened our newest addition to our Parks System – the Howard Dog Park. The Howard Dog Park is located at Gordon Nauman Park, on the shores of Duck Creek. It is open sunset to sundown and has several acres of fenced area to allow your dog to run. Please observe the park rules posted at the entrance of the park.

For further Village information, please visit the Village of Howard web site: www.villageofhoward.com

The US 41 reconstruction project will be taking shape for our community beginning in 2010. Velp Avenue (aka US 141) will begin construction this spring with utility work. The actual road reconstruction will begin in 2011, with a project completion of November 2011. This project will include a new roundabout at the intersection of Military Avenue & Velp Avenue.

In addition to Velp Avenue, you will see utility work begin close to the Taylor Street & Shawano Avenue intersection (in the Fleet Farm area). This utility work is also a precursor to more substantial road reconstruction activitiy, which will begin in 2011 and continue through the STH 29 corridor for several more years.

The final US 41 reconstruction project is scheduled to be completed by 2016. When all is said & done, almost $2 billion dollars will be expended on this project, which should provide a huge economic development boost to NE Wisconsin. To better follow this project, please visit the Village web page for updates.

In that same vein, the Village of Howard has been strategically positioning ourselves to take advantage of our economic development opportunities. This includes working with commercial realtors and developers across Wisconsin and the United States on identifying greenfield development and redevelopment opportunities. Also, the Village Board, along with the Village’s Community Development Authority is using 2010 as a “building the foundation” year to review our zoning code to ensure we have appropriate zoning standards in our highway corridors, working closely with Department of Transportation staff to ensure proper planning of the highway reconstruction to maximize development and we recently upgraded the economic development link on our web page to provide more substantial information and to as a quick-reference to companies interested in locating or relocating to our community. To view that updated page, please go to our web site.

To view the color pallette for the US 41 improvements, please view this page: US 41 Design

The Village of Howard’s Go Green Save Green Taskforce recently created its first Energy Action Plan to set benchmarks regarding greenhouse gas emissions. The Village completed its first Carbon Footprint Report in October and utilized the data to establish target goals. The Go Green Save Green Taskforce will work to provide recommendations to the Village Board on green initiatives that will reduce the carbon footprint. In 2008, the Village of Howard government operations emitted over two million pounds of carbon dioxide. The Village of Howard seeks to reduce these emissions by 25% by 2020. Furthermore, the Village registered as an Energy Independent Community and committed to convert 25% of its energy use to renewable sources by 2020.

The Village is eager to calculate its 2009 carbon footprint early next year to see the impact of the initiatives launched by the efforts of the Go Green Save Green Taskforce. Such initiatives include:
-Regulating Village Hall and Public Works heating/cooling temperature settings.
-Purchasing three LED streetlights for installation on Howard Boulevard.
-Purchasing two flex-fuel vehicles, one of which is using E-85 fuel exclusively.

The Go Green Save Green Taskforce is always looking for more members; if you have an interest in helping the environment through community efforts, please call Jennifer at Village Hall: (920) 434-4640.

To view the Carbon Footprint Report, Energy Action Plan, or to calculate your own carbon footprint, visit the Go Green Save Green webpage at:

The Village of Howard just released its Carbon Footprint Report for years 2006 through 2008. Since 2006, the Village has reduced its carbon emissions by 73%! In the most recent inventory year (2008):

* The Village consumed 16,667 units of energy (down from 25,549 in 2006)

* Howard operations emitted 949 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents into the atmosphere (down from 3,524 in 2006)

* The Village spent $643,909 on GHG emitting sources (electricity, natural gas, and fuel)- (down from $669,646 in 2006)

These key metrics will allow the Village to track its impact on the environment. To view a full report on the Village Operations Carbon Footprint, visit the Go Green Save Green Page on the Village website: http://www.villageofhoward.com/go-green_save-green.cfm . There you can track your own carbon footprint as well. How do YOUR daily activities impact the environment?

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